Remedial Works

Remedial Works

Remedial work is completed following testing


Installation testing is only part of the electrical safety compliance requirement. It is essential that remedial work is completed following testing to ensure due diligence.

When electrical safety testing is completed anything recorded as damage, deterioration, defect and or dangerous within the installation will be reported as follows:

  • FI - Further investigation required without delay.
  • Code 1 - Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required.
  • Code 2 - Potentially dangerous and should be given urgent attention.
  • Code 3 - Improvement recommended.

Any fault reported as FI, Code 1 or 2 must be remedied.

Essential remedial work must be resolved in an appropriate time frame.

All required remedial works identified whilst testing will be detailed within CES reports. Sign off sheets are formally issued to provide closure of defects which also enables traceability to each defect.

Fixed Wire Testing

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Other Services

Crownfield Electrical Services can assist you with your regulatory compliance and keep your electrical and emergency systems working effectively and efficiently.


Fixed Wire Testing is a mandatory requirement for all commercial premises. All electrical installations suffer damage and deterioration throughout their operational life, which makes these tests essential.


A Thermographic Survey enables you to detect electrical faults before the components fail. This is a proactive and efficient method of supplementing your planned preventative maintenance regime.


During the Fixed Wire Testing process, our engineers highlight areas which are not conforming to the IEE Wiring Regulations. These are coded in order of severity and compiled into a full Report (EICR).


We design and install complete emergency lighting systems, we can provide regular maintenance and statutory six month approved testing to ensure works as efficiently as possible.